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The Family Tree Portrait

A wonderful way to create something that will be a really unique keepsake gift


Children are naturally curious. Family history can be a fascinating subject, even for a child. Not only is learning about the family tree fun, it is also educational and gives them a tie to their own heritage. This is a great way to introduce Genealogy to your children and a wonderful way to create something that will be a really unique keepsake gift.

It is important that you provide large clear full body shots of family members. Photos must be at least 200kbs in size. You can get as creative as you want with family members poses. They don't have to be sitting the tree, they can be standing, leaning, laying down or even swinging!

HOW TO ORDER: All you have to do is email me the photos you want me to use - I would suggest in your initial email you let me know how many photos you will be sending to me. Rename each file by family member name - for example the photo you send of the child/children that will appear central to the potrait name "mainchild1" "mainchild2" etc. Grandmother on Mothers side name the file "GrannyM" - On Fathers side "GrannyF" and so on. Alternatively you can attach each family member to seperate emails and describe in the emails body who they are if you unsure of how to rename files.


Digital Copy You will be emailed your high resolution final in a dimension of your choice (please note: This price is for up to 15 people - if your family is larger please contact me and I can provide you with a quote) - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE £24.99


Have your Family Tree Portrait printed in poster format or on Canvas!

PRICES quoted include the cost of creating your portrait!

Poster prints

30"x20" Poster Print (76cm x 51cm) - £49.47

A2 (59.4cm x 42cm) - £42.27

Larger print sizes available & can be quoted upon request

•  All sizes available in both matt and gloss

•  Printed on Fujifilm Professional digital photographic paper


Canvas Prints

40cm x 30cm (approx. 16" x 12") - £67.48

60.96cm x 40.64cm (24" x 16") - £97.48

Larger print sizes available & can be quoted upon request

•  Printed on bright white heavyweight 100% cotton canvas

•  Photo wrapped around canvas edges

•  Sealed with a semi matt varnish for extra protection

•  Stretched by hand over a 3.8cm deep box wood frame

•  Finished on the reverse with artist backing tape


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